Shift your mindset, set your goals, and follow the blueprint laid out for you to achieve ultimate success.


 Shift your mindset, set your goals, and follow the wealth blueprint

laid out for you to achieve ultimate success.

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7 Online Revenue Streams To Fund Your Million Dollar Dream

In this short ebook, Constance Carter gives several simple but powerful ways that you can start making millions online today!

Keeping Score

Increase your credit score quickly: Learn the secrets credit repair consultants & attorneys use to repair credit. Get on track to purchase your dream home, buy your dream car, or reduce your interest rate.

Build Credit to Build Wealth

It is a short, yet comprehensive book that gives the nuts and bolts on credit health. It was written to help you understand how credit works, gives you tips on how to improve and maintain your credit, shows you how to decipher a credit report, and will give examples of how simple practices can help you remove negative items on your credit, and boost your credit score permanently. 

From Broke to Woke

Are you looking to start a business or build and scale your existing business to 7 figures? Download this training today!

6 Ways To Build Credit

Step-by-step E-Book that will show you the exact strategy to build your Credit quickly!

Personal Information Organizer

Everyone is going to die one day and the worst thing you can do is leave your family scrambling trying to figure out where to locate all of your personal information.  Prepare your family and friends. Download this Personal Information Organizer, complete it, and share it with someone that you trust.  

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Catalyst Real Estate School

More than Just a Broker, We Are Committed to See You Succeed! We provide the best training, education, and support to ensure that our agents are not only industry experts, but have the ability to build the best quality of life for themselves & create legacies for their families.

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5 steps to achieve all success


Think it

"Without a vision, people the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18

Write it

"Write down the vision and make it plain" - Habakkuk 2:2

Speak it

"Life & death are in the power of the tongue" - Proverbs 18:21

Work it

"Faith without works is dead" James 2 Constance - James 2:14

Receive it

"Don't be weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap your harvest if you faint not" - Galatians 6:9


Your Legacy is too important not to