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"Constance Carter is brilliant and savvy! I have several businesses which have struggled to take flight until attending this webinar. Constance presented information surrounding initial set up for businesses, along with the pros and cons for each. This information truly helped me redefine my path forward. Since attending, I have aggressively ramped up my businesses with a structure that will help maximize growth, credit and financing potential.  A major perk has been being able to reference materials after attending the webinar!"

- Tanya 

“I don't even know how to explain the feeling I have how this program have help increase my score over 250 points in less then 2 months. I set a goal of achieving 700 by June 2018. I literally listen to the course 8 times in it's entirety. Constance Carter thank you so much for encouraging to get started in this program.”
~J. Moore



This platform has found myself and my Hubby THOUDANDS of dollars, that we could have invested‼️ But hey! when you know better you do better‼️

I highly recommend this program... As you all know I am on this credit/wealth building hype, and every time I find a [email protected]... I like to spread the word. Check it out.💰💲💸

Constance Carter is huge on uplifting others by educating them on their knowledge of credit health and building wealth... I am not making money off of sharing this nugget... I just want everyone I know, to understand and experience the power of a wealthy lifestyle.. Inbox me with questions.


 ~S. Aguilar 


"My credit score was at a 412 due to too many student loans. I was in a panic not sure what to do or which way to turn I reached out to Constance for advice and direction and taking her program gave me the tools that I needed not only to have my first credit card to help build my credit but also to start having my score rise. I am still working on Rising my credit score but at of today I am at a 600 thank you so much Constance for your guidance and your program"

~ T. Johnson


 “This was a ‘Financial Reality Intervention’ A No Plan Money Behavior Crash Diet.”

~T. Dynes

“Constance’s approach is encouraging and informative. Easy instructions (she’s teaching you step by step). Makes it easy to get on track with my budget and finances  INSPIRING!”

~A. Smith


"My husband and I went to a credit party given by one of our relatives. Shortly after, we did our 1:1 Strategy session with Constance. Within 2 months, our credit score increased over 150 points and we were purchasing our (2nd home) investment property”

~ L. Carter


"I have known Constance over 15 years and through the years I have bought and sold several properties with her help and expertise. This last time, and thus far my favorite house my husband and I were coming out in bankruptcy and a short sell. Constance guided us to the road back to reestablishing healthy credit and home ownership once again. Now some years later after reading 'Keeping Score' and taking her program, we are on the clean up credit move again to purchase an investment property next! Who would think to not close an account because it could hurt you! I'm excited about the future and continued guidance from Constance."

~ V. Dixon


"After reading "Keeping Score" and taking one of Contances programs, I decided to double check my credit report to make sure accounts listed were all correct. In doing so, I found 2 old accounts that were still listed as "negative" marks that had actually been paid in full years prior. I followed the tips 1 by 1... I sent letters to the creditors stating the error, I increased my main credit card limit so that my debt would drop lower than 30% and I also requested for the bureaus to remove old addresses.


About 2 months later, I received letters from all 3 bureaus advising they had removed the old debt. My credit score increased drastically! With the tools and knowledge that I have now, I'll be at 850 in no time!!"

~ N. Henry



“I don't even know how to explain the feeling I have how this program have help increase my score over 250 points in less then 2 months. I set a goal of achieving 700 by June 2018. I literally listen to the course 8 times in it's entirety. Constance Carter thank you so much for encouraging to get started in this program.”
~J. Moore
Hello and Good Morning. (Part 1)
I would like to share something good info and news.
I have been friends with Constance since high school and known her hubby since childhood. I say that to let it be known why i trust her and her process. When you see your friends bubble and be blessed to bless others sometimes you have to
think and say what am i NOT doing.
As im getting my life in order she and I had a conversation the end of last year.
I decided to file bankruptcy (we discussed this prior as well) and had a question, so i called Constance. Surprisingly she answered :)
I asked my question and then she asked WHY am I filing and what chapter? I told her chapter 13 because of an accident claim, and i owe the IRS over 25gs. At that point she immediately said do NOT file chapter 13 because I will never pay it off, as most people do. She said, File chapter 7. I told her i just left and had just signed the papers. She said I can call and tell them to hold the filing. Her next question to me was how much do you owe IRS? I answered. Constance then asked why dont I do an Offer and Compromise? Im listening like what? I never heard of such. She explained it to me and told me to call to see if can file.
After getting off the phone with her i then called the IRS and found out i actully owe 30gs. I was given information about OIC and filing. I was asked a series of questions to see if i in fact qualify. I DID!!!
Now.... after receiving the paperwork in mail I filled out app in its entirety with my monetary offer and mailed back with initial payment. (I will explain OIC breakdown later) Its now a waiting game for them to process and give me a definite answer if they accpet my offer or not. Over the next couple of months I still have to pay my offer amount and I FINALLY received a letter (few months later) stating they accepted my offer. Praise God and thank you Constance Carter
Part 2
Offer In Compromise known as OIC.
If you owe over a certain amount to the IRS you can file an OIC to reduce the amount you owe.
You basically submit an offer (that you can afford to pay) and the IRS will let you know if its accepted. I called and was asked several questions regarding expenses, income, assets, etc. Based on my answers I qualified. I then was mailed the application, which asked the same questions I was asked over the phone. I filled out the app completely. There is a form and formula you use to figure out your income and how much ypu can pay either in lump sum or over 24 month period.
In my case I owed 30gs. Of course I aint ballin like my girl Constance ;) and know I cant pay that. So i gave an offer based on what I could afford to pay each month for 24 months.
My offer was $7,000. I am willing to pay $322. each month for 24 months.
Now that i figured out what I could pay I mailed my application along with my first install payment (any amount). That will be applied as 1st monthly payment. Until they give a definte answer if my offer was accepted I still have to make my monthly payment of 322.
Now that my offer was accepted I have to make sure to pay on time, make monthly payments, and file my taxes ON TIME. Thats what got me in this mess by the way.
I will be able to get a federal refund in 2019 (as of now its being intercepted for several years)
At the end of 24 months I will not owe IRS. I will have cleared a 30,000 dollar debt in 24 months, paying a total of 7,000 dollars.
If you have IRS issues and owe over 10gs call OIC department and inquire. It was helpful to me.
Thank you Nobody Works Harder than Constance Carter
~M. McNeeley