Hi, I’m Constance Carter, and to say that I’m blessed is an understatement.

I am the CEO of the largest African American owned real estate firm in California, an investor, 2x Best Selling Author, TEDX Speaker, but most importantly, a Wealth Activist and I am on a mission to help others create the life of their dreams 

You see, this wasn’t always the case. If you’ve read my story on Black Enterprise or Huffington Post, you’d know that I’ve been where millions of Americans are currently.

Laid-off, broke, and chasing a dream while trying to take care of my family and trying not to repeat the mistakes that I learned growing up.

Wanting better but not knowing how to do better, other than sheer determination.

So after years of hard work and a number of failures including a bankruptcy, foreclosure, and short sales. I’ve come to the place where I’ve always wanted to be.

Not because I gross over a million dollars a year from my real-estate business and investments, but because I get to share the Roadmap (insert link to mywealthroadmap) to how I got here so that I can help others just like you. Just like me. 

Wealth is a holistic experience and I’m so blessed that I’ve been able to help thousands who thought it was an impossibility through key strategies including Goal Setting, Pushing Past your F.E.A.R.S, Real Estate Investing, Money Management, and Credit Education, 

Location is no longer a limitation, as I’m able to help people all over the country through my training programs. 

I invite you to join me in taking the road less traveled to get you to the place you always wanted to be.

For more information, visit www.constancecarter.com