My Wealth Roadmap

Everything you need to begin your Wealth Journey starts here


Wealthroadmap is a series of online training courses designed to provide you with the Blueprint to Wealth Building. From Goal Setting to Credit Building to pushing past your F.E.A.R.S to Investment Strategies. These trainings will position you to take the necessary steps to create the life of your dreams.


Constance Carter, a 7-figure earner and Wealth Advocate who started from the bottom put together a financial roadmap for you.

She outlined those secrets in several courses called My Wealth Roadmap.

Each course has several modules & lessons giving the step by step Blueprint to getting closer to living the life of your dreams. 


Business Blueprint - Are you looking to start a business or build and scale your existing business to 7-figures?

You will learn:

  • Which legal entity is best for you - (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or Corporation) and how to establish and protect it and yourself
  • ​How to legitimize your business to receive funding 
  • How to ​build business credit for funding opportunities
  • ​How to pay salaries with a limited amount of funds & still qualify for large purchases 

Credit Repair MasterClass - The Blueprint for a Wealthy Credit Score

Your Total Credit Repair Solution

  • Shift your thinking to a wealth driven mindset
  • Learn the secrets of credit repair attorneys 
  • Increase your score up to 200 points in 30 days


Money Management Mindset - Grow Your Money! Don't Blow Your Money!

Elevate your financial landscape

  • Find extra money, even if you're living pay check to pay check
  • Learn negotiation tactics to reduce your bills
  • Understand how to cut interest hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • Discover how to invest and grow your money
  • Learn to Budget like a Boss!
  • Know your worth.. Your Net Worth! And learn how to grow it 

Wealthmap Training - Let's work together to shift your mindset, set goals, and get you on a path to generational wealth.

What you'll get:

  • Help position you to grow your net worth 100% within 12 months
  • Step you up for success by breaking the BROKE mentality
  • 7 Online Revenue Streams To Fund Your Million Dollar Dreams
  • and a bonus topic...


WealthMap Intensive - The live 1on1 Power Strategy Session with Constance Carter designed to specifically show you how to increase your personal financial positioning

  • Increase your wealth IQ
  • Increase your credit score
  • 'Learn to Earn' multiple revenue streams
  • Multiply your investment opportunities
  • Grow your Net Worth by 100% or more

After meeting with Constance Carter, you will receive a personalized MindMap & actionable instructions & assignments to significantly enhance your wealth positioning


Check out Constance Carter's YOUTUBE channel for tons of FREE videos on Wealth Building strategies that include:

  • The Power or the Dollar
  • Flipping Homes
  • Overcoming Obstacles and pushing past your FEARS
  • How to grow your tax returns
  • 5 Steps to effective Goal Setting
  • And much much more...


Take the guesswork out of building wealth, and focus on the exact steps that you need to take in order to build a wealthy credit score and net worth quickly by:

  • Gaining CLARITY. It’s time to face the music about your finances. Knowing exactly where you are now, will prepare us for where you’re about to go.


  • PLANNING. A goal without a plan is a dream. Constance will help you make your financial dreams a reality with her comprehensive wealth plan, which will show you a positive net worth forecast in as little as 12 months.


  • TAKE ACTION with the very specific steps laid out during the planning phase. Without action, your financial situation will not change. This is your part. The rest is up to us.


  • Change takes time, consistency, and ACCOUNTABILITY, which is why we’re setting you up with a tribe of people that you can lean on for support. We’ll also be checking in with you on your journey as well to help you stay on track. Plans also have bumps in th road, so we want to make sure that we are there to help you up when you fall.


  • If you get stuck while you FOLLOW-THROUGH with the plan, don’t worry. We have a number of tools that you will have access to that will guide you through your challenges so that you can stay on-track to having a positive net-worth.


With this program, laser focus, and commitment, you too can be on your way to a life of growth, abundance, and overflow!


Other Constance's Assets that will surely help you grow your WEALTH!

Books and Ebooks:

  • 7 Online Revenue Streams To Fund Your Million Dollar DreamIn this short ebook, Constance Carter gives several simple but powerful ways that you can start making millions online today!
  • Keeping ScoreIncrease your credit score quickly: Learn the secrets credit repair consultants & attorneys use to repair credit. Get on track to purchase your dream home, buy your dream car, or reduce your interest rate.
  • Breaking The BROKE Code - In this short read, Constance Carter has a clear mission. It’s helping people realize their full God-given potential so they can not only change their lives, but positively effect the life of others. In Breaking the B.R.O.K.E Code, Best Selling Author & CEO of one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Northern California, Constance Carter is sounding the alarm. Recognizing that most people aren’t living up to their potential she lays out the blueprint of what it takes to manifest your dreams. This book is for any person who has the courage to break generational curses and create a legacy of wealth and royalty. For those who want to look back over their life knowing they made a difference in someone else’s. And those individuals who have ever felt inadequate but believe life can be better. Constance shares the secret to breaking through your fears, your purpose, and your mindset to goal set to reaching your dreams.
  • Build Credit to Build WealthOne of the most critical pieces to building wealth is having good credit. Of the thousands of individuals I have helped become homeowners, a great many did not understand the value of credit or how to decipher a credit report. What most people don’t understand is that it’s not as scary or hard to understand as they think, and it’s certainly not very difficult to repair and maintain. While there are some legitimate credit repair companies out there, others have made a fortune in doing basic “credit repair” functions that a consumer has the ability to do themselves. This is not a quick fix credit repair book. It is a short, yet comprehensive book that gives the nuts and bolts on credit health. It was written to help you understand how credit works, gives you tips on how to improve and maintain your credit, shows you how to decipher a credit report, and will give examples of how simple practices can help you remove negative items on your credit, and boost your credit score permanently. 


  • Broke to Woke - Are you looking to start a business or build and scale your existing business to 7 figures? Download this training today!


  • 6 Ways To Build Credit - Step-by-step E-Book that will show you the exact strategy to build your Credit quickly!


  • Personal Information Organizer - Everyone is going to die one day and the worst thing you can do is leave your family scrambling trying to figure out where to locate all of your personal information.  Prepare your family and friends. Download this Personal Information Organizer, complete it, and share it with someone that you trust. 
    Protect Your Legacy!